Quality Assured Standard Bolting & Specialised Fasteners

Orbis Index supply various fasteners in a wide range of steel grades ranging from Carbon steel , stainless steel’s, Duplex & Super duplex, Bronze, Monel including heat resisting grades with a large range of stocks in various sizes and thread forms

■  Offering quick turnaround plating & coating option to our clients.
■  PTFE, Hot Dip Galvanising, Bright Zinc Plated, Zinc Nickel, Phosphate and Cadmium
■  Types of Heat Treatment
■  Thru Hardening, Case Hardening, Normalising, Quenching and Tempering

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Specialised Fasteners – What Makes a Fastener a “SPECIAL”?

■  Material
■  Special Threads (e.g fine Pitch)
■  Unusual dimensions (e.g Long Lengths)
■  Unusual thread lengths
■  Manufactured to customer drawings
■  Finishes
■  Plating
■  Specific test certification requirements (e.g 3.2 Certification)
■  Traceability requirements
■  Special Testing / External testing
■  Working to customers specifications